General FAQ

How Unique CPA Run? Unique CPA has a Smart link which has various offers to easily earn more cash online. Which offer Unique CPA has? Unique CPA promotes dating, cam dating, casual relationship, games, survey, gift card, finance, loan, download software and toolbars, e-commerce per lead and many trending offers. Do you have referral system? Yes we have, per every referral you will get 3% commission of earning. For more details, contact to your affiliate manager. How can I apply? First go to Register button and apply with your full details. Then within 2/3 days an affiliate manager will contact with you and approve your account. You will first login and get your smart link. Why my account will ban? Unique CPA has own policy. If affiliates do illegal activities as fraud traffic, low quality traffic, no post back, broken link marketing.

How your statistics works?

The basic statistics are:

Date: Always on current date and you can select from date option from date filtering option.
Hit – non-unique transition to Smart Link;
click – unique transition to smart link (each transition from different IP);
epc – earn per click;
ratio – conversions per click;
you also may see the separate statistics in GEO section divided by Country and by the tracker.

What is payout rate depends on GEO?

Unique CPA has a strong traffic filtering system. It’s has capability to purifying the traffic quality. So the rate depends on the quality and volume of traffic which you are sending.

How to generate a Sale?

Unique CPA customized real time generate auto converting server which generate instant sale. Sometimes may take few times to filtering traffic history.

What is the average ratio?

Unique CPA has an experienced team who are analysis that the ratio may not behind of 1:7 – 9 . It’s depending on the quality of traffic.

How can I get full Report?

Just filter your date and month from the filter option. You will able to get all previous history.

Marketing FAQ

Unique CPA has all GEO and targeted GEO offer. You can discuss this with your Affiliate Manager. Can I use my own landing page? For this section you can contact with your affiliate manager. Can I work different niche offer on a single account? Yes you can, and for this contact to your affiliate manager. How can I use sub ID You will get option to create sub id and you can also delete the sub id. Do you have any RevShare? Unique CPA has no option. For details contact with your affiliates manager.

What is payment process of Unique CPA?

Unique CPA has various payment options. But basically we pay NET15. That mean if you earn on July, you will get payment August 15. if you have high Quality  & Volume Traffic Then you will be able to get weekly or bi-weekly payment.

What is the minimum payout?

Our minimum payout is 100$

What is my balance?

Main balance shows on the top right. Your total earning, commission, and bonus will be added there.

What is Payment Gateway?

Unique CPA pays on Payoneer, Paypal, Wire Transfer.

If any question?

Just knock our dedicated affiliate manager. If manager has no response or you are not satisfied then write [email protected]. Within 24 hours you will get answer.